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Payments Import - Data Structure

NCP Payments • 2022/03/31 • 1 min. to read
Each line in the NCPI Payments Import window can contain multiple Data lines, which in turn can contain multiple Transactions. The transactions in turn may contain multiple Remittance Info Lines and Charges. During the transfer, a corresponding line is created in the journal or reconciliation for each NCPI payment import transaction. If the Trans. Charges field in the Payments Import Setup is set to Yes, an entry will also be created in the journal or bank reconciliation for the total charges per transaction. You can either transfer the entire imported file, or individual Payments Import Data, or just individual Payments Import Transactions.


As long as a entry has not yet been posted, you can delete it from the journal or reconciliation at any time. Click Transfer if you want to re-transfer the deleted line.
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