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Import Allocation Analysis

2024/04/18 • 3 min. to read
If the indicator Show Analysis Window is set in the Payments import Setup, the system does not carry out a comparison of the Remittance Info when you execute the function Apply Entries in the journal. Instead, this window shows how the application is performed.


Use this indicator for information purposes only (analysis). To perform and post a application, this indicator must be deactivated.


Position IDUsed to identify the line. Position IDs are used in the Delete Reason field to indicate conflicts or reasons that are related to other lines.
Line InformationViews information about this record.
Account TypeViews the account type.
Account No.displays the account number.
Ledger Entry No.Views the ledger entry number of the current allocation entry.
DeletedShows that no allocation was created.
Delete Reason (no assignment)Shows the reason why no assignment was made.
Posting DateShows the posting date.
AmountShows the amount.
Remaining AmountShows the remaining amount.
Search ParameterShows the search parameter.
Amount RatingShows the rating used to search for the amount.
Payment ReferenceShows the payment reference found of the transaction. For more information, see History, Import Remittance Entries.
Payment Reference EntryShows the payment reference found.
Remittance InfoShows the payment remittance info found of the transaction. For more information, see History, Import Remittance Entries.
Document Search forShows which value was searched for.
Document Found in Shows where the searched value was found.
Document RatingThe rating for the search for the document number.
Account Search orShows which value was searched for.
account Found inShows where the searched value was found.
External IBAN (Account Number)Shows the IBAN or account number of the transaction.
External SWIFT Code (BLZ)Shows the SWIFT code or BLZ of the transaction.
External Account HolderShows the name of the account holder of the transaction.
Ext. Account Info foundShows whether a bank account was found based on the account information of the transaction.
Account RatingShows the rating for the search for the amount.
RatingShows the total rating for the assignment.


  • Transaction Card

    Opens the import transaction card in which all important information about the Transaction from the Payments Import is clearly displayed. For more information, see Import Tasks, Working with Payments Import - Structure.
  • Account Card

    View or change detailed information about the record on the document or journal line.
  • .

Actions, Navigate

  • Fixed Account Allocations

    If the applying suggestion should always assign certain transactions to a fixed G/L account, customer, vendor or bank account, you can set up fixed account allocations for this. For more information, see Setup, Fixed Account Allocations.

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