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Payments Export Setup Wizard

2024/04/18 • 5 min. to read
Before the NCPE Payments Export (NCPE Payments Export) can be used, its basic functionality must be set up. This wizard will help you to setup the necessary parameters by walking through them step by step, so you can immediately start working with the NCP Payments Export. In the following section the steps with the parameters are explained.


You can skip individual steps at any time and complete the configuration at a later time in the NCPE Payments Export Setup.

Fields, Page Originator Setup

In the section Originator Setup the settings for the export file are defined that specify the originator. If the payment file is exported then this is the data that is that makes your company identifiable as the ordering party. When you start the wizard for the first time, the values from the company information are used for this step.
NameSpecifies the originator name.
Name 2Specifies an addition to the originator name.
AddressSpecifies the address of the originator.
Address 2Specifies an addition to the address of the originator.
Post CodeSpecifies the post code of the originator.
CitySpecifies the city of the originator.
Country/Region CodeSpecifies the country/region code of the originator used in payment transactions.
Creditor Identifier (CI)The SEPA Direct Debit Scheme (SDD), requires the mandatory provision of a Creditor Identifier, Creditor ID or CID with each direct debit. This ID is stored in this field.
With next you get to the next setup page of the wizard.

Page, XML Schemas Setup

XML Schemas are required for the generation of SEPA and non-SEPA files. With this wizard you can import predefined schemas. In order to be able to use them for the export of the payment file for your bank, you must assign the XML Scheme to a bank. The association of the schemas to the individual bank accounts is done in the Bank Account Setup which you will find later within the wizard. With the action Download XML Schemas the download and import into the database is started.


The XML Schemas can change or be supplemented in the future. We provide the latest rulebooks online, these updates and changes can be downloaded in the NCPE Payments Export Setup using the action XML Schemas. In the opened page click the action Download in the XML Schemas setup. For more information, see Setup, XML Schemas.

Page, SEPA Countries Setup

With this wizard page you can set up the SEPA countries in the countries/regions table. The field "SEPA" is set, which is used to identify the participating SEPA countries based on a list of all participating countries. With the action Setup SEPA Countries the setup is started.

Page, Bank Codes Setup

With this wizard, you can import bank codes from 3 different sources. You have the choice to download the data from the specific banking institutions or from all of them together. The sources of the data are the European Central Bank, the Austrian National Bank or the Deutsche Bundesbank. This download creates records in the table Bank Codes.

Page, Bank Account Setup

In this step the Bank Account Setup can be completed. If you click on the action Open Bank Account Setup, the page will open where you can enter your bank details and link the XML Schemas that you want to use. For more information, see Setup, Bank Account Setup.

Fields, Payment File Setup

Define here the necessary settings for the creation of the Payment File.
Create Bal. Account LineHere you can configure whether an balanced account line should be created.
Modify allowed after "File Created"With this option you can determine whether the payment data can still be manipulated after creation.
Payment Notification Nos.Here the payment notification number series is set up.
The action Payment File Setup creates default entries that are not assigned to a specific account. A line is created in the table Payment File Setup for each Payment Type. For more information, see Setup, Payment File Setup.

Fields, Payment Notification E-Mail Setup

Use this wizard to configure the necessary parameters for sending the notification e-mails.
Sender NameHere the sender name of the payment notification e-mails is specified. This is also the name the recipient of the e-mail can see in his e-mail program.
Sender E-MailThe sender e-mail of the payment notification e-mails is specified here.
CC E-MailHere the CC e-mail of the payment notification e-mails is specified.
BCC E-MailHere the BCC e-mail of the payment notification e-mails is specified.
HTML FormattedThis value specifies that the payment notification e-mails should be sent in HTML format.
With the action Send Test Message an E-Mail can be sent to check the settings.


Before you can send a test message or use the notification e-mail functionality, you must first complete the SMTP Mail Setup. You can find information about this in the Business Central Online Help under Set Up E-Mail

Page, Language Setup

All the necessary settings for the individual language codes, as well as notification texts and the SEPA mandate texts will be set up on this page. Values can be suggested for the language setup via the action Initialize Languages. In most cases, no language code is stored for vendors and customers. You should therefore also set up a record without a language code.

Finish Setup

If you click on Finish the configuration will be written into the table NCPE Payments Export Setup.

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