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Applying Open Entries

2024/04/18 • 3 min. to read
You can clear and close open entries in the journals based on the imported data:
  1. If the journal is not yet open, select NCP Payments > Import or on the Business Central home page: Tasks > Payments Import. Select the desired import line and click on Open Journals.
  2. Click on
    • Navigate > Electronic Payments > Payments Import > Import Suggest Application - All Lines, to create an automatic suggested application for all lines.
    • Navigate > Electronic Payments > Payments Import > Import Suggest Application - Line, to create an automatic suggested application for the marked line.
    The system attempts to determine the Account No. and the corresponding open entries based on various criteria.


    This only applies to those lines for which the Applied indicator is not set
    For lines that contain a value in the field Account No. , this value is used as a filter for the entry search. In the following sequence, the system attempts to determine a Account No. or Clearing Documents for each line:
    1. The system checks whether a Fixed Account Allocation exists for the line. Example: In the Fixed Account Allocation, it is defined that G/L account 241203 is used if the Remittance Info contains the word "tax office". The first line contains this account. For more information, see Setup, Fixed Account Allocations.
    2. If the Remittance Info contains a Document No. of a receivable or External Document No. of a vendor invoice, this Document No. is searched for in the database. The appropriate customer or vendor is determined and the payment is applied. Example:: The Remittance Info of the third line contains a Document No.. Customer and document no. are assigned. The line is applied and automatically receives the indicator Applied.
    3. If the remittance Info contains a customer/vendor number, the system searches the database for a suitable customer/vendor number. Applying with an open entry is not possible because the document number is not known. Example: The Remittance Info of the second line contains a number that is not found in the database. However, a customer with this number could be found. The customer is assigned to the line.
  3. Click on the Navigate > Electronic Payments > Payments Import > Import Deviation - Set Filter button to only show lines that have not yet been fully applied or that have no G/L account entered in the Account No. field.
  4. .


You can delete a line at any time if it has not yet been posted.

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