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Create invoices for paying by QR code

2024/04/18 • 3 min. to read
The NCP Payments has been extended with the functionality Pay with QR Code, NCP Pay with QR Code generates a standardized QR code, also called EPC QR Code, which can be scanned by many banking apps, enabling it to automatically fill in payment details such as recipient, amount, IBAN, BIC and the remittance info. This QR code created by NCP Pay with QR Code can then be placed on your invoices. This saves the customer the tedious task of typing in the data, and also means that they do not run the risk of entering incorrect data. You can provide a convenient transition between the analog paper world and the digital world. Use cases are diverse and should always provide the user with an advantage through smartphone scanning. Austrian banks have agreed on a standard to reflect electronic payments by a QR code. This saves your customers from typing IBANs and captures the payment directly in their e-banking app! At the same time, you generate the payment with the information you want to automatically assign to open invoices. NCP Payments has this functionality built into Microsoft Business Central when creating invoices! The following section explains the functionality for creating invoices (sales invoices) that provide a QR code, for payment via e-banking, on the invoice printout. Before this functionality can be used, some setup steps are required, For more information, see Setup, Paying with QR Code.. Below you will find instructions on how to do this.

Creating an invoice for paying with QR code

  1. Create an invoice, either a sales invoice or a service invoice
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  3. Select the customer for which the invoice should be created
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  5. Check the Payment Method, this must have the NCP Pay with QR-Code flag enabled. If there is no payment form yet, create one. For more information, see Setup, Pay with QR Code. section Setup a Payment Method for Pay with QR Code.
  6. You can specify which of your bank accounts to use for generating the Pay with QR Code code, to do this select the desired account in the Company Bank Account Code field.


    You can also store a bank account to be used by default for QR code creation, to do this go to the NCP Bank Account Setup and specify a bank account by activating the Bank Account for Pay with QR Code box.
  7. It is recommended to fill one of the fields Your Reference or External Document Number to be able to create a unique reference for the QR code. Using this QR code, you can then assign the payments to the customer ledger entries. NCPI Payments Import can help you do this. For more information, see Setup, Pay with QR Code.
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  9. Post the invoice. If Pay with QR code active in the QR Code Setup is enabled, a QR code document data entry will be created and the generated reference will be written to the customer ledger entry. It is possible to configure the generation of the reference text according to your requirements, For more information, see Setup, Pay with QR Code.
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