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Payment Statistics

2024/04/18 • 1 min. to read
This page views a line for each Payment File that was created from the journal.

Fields, General

Credit Transfer (LCY)Views the credit transfer amount in local currency.
Direct Debit (LCY)Views the direct debit amount in local currency.
Total Payments (LCY)Views the total amount of payment transactions in local currency.
Other (LCY)Views all other amounts in local currency.
Total (LCY)Views the total amount in in local currency.

Fields, Details

Payment TypeViews the payment type used in the transaction.
Bank Account No.Views the bank account number for which the payment file was created.
Currency CodeViews the currency for which the payment file was created.
AmountView the total amount per payment type.
Amount (LCY)View the total amount, in local currency, per payment type.

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