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Create Payment File

2024/04/18 • 2 min. to read
To create a Payment File go through these steps:
  1. Click (in the journal) on the action Create Payment File. In the page that opens, specify which lines are to be exported to the Payment File. Select the required lines. Some of the data in the selected lines can still be changed when the payment file is created:
    • Specify the Execution Date on which the bank should proceed the payments.
    • The fields Direct Debit Type and Execution Date One-Off/First Direct Debit can only be changed for the payment type "SEPA Credit Transfer".
    • The field Charges can only be changed if the XML schema of the bank account supports charges. For more information, see XML-Schemas.
  2. If you activate the checkbox Urgent payment, the execution date is set to the current day. If Urgent Payment is not activated, the execution date is set to the following day. For SEPA direct debits with the direct debit type "CORE - basic direct debit", the execution date is set to the current day + 2 days.
  3. Click on OK and confirm the message. The payment file is created. The Payment Status field is automatically set to Created for all lines exported to the payment file. Transactions with the same currency codes, debit types, debit sequences and execution date are combined in one file.


When the Collective Transaction option is active in the NCPE Payment Export Setup window, journal lines are summarized in the payment file. In this way, they can also perform the collection of a credit memo. If an invoice with a higher absolute amount is to be cleared, the credit memo can also be cleared in the collective transaction. However, the amounts are posted separately in the payment journal. For more information, see NCPE Payments Export Setup.

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