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Payment Remittance Entries


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The action Create Payment File creates a Clearing Entry with status Created. This entry contains information about the file. In addition, a Payment Entry and a Payment Remittance Entry are created for every single transaction. These contain information about which entries were cleared by the payment. Structure:


Document TypeViews the document type of the remittance entry.
Document No.Views the document number ot the remittance entry.
Posting DateDate on which the document was posted.
External Document No.Specifies an additional document number. This usually refers to the numbering system by the customer or vendor.
Remittance Info.Views the remittance info (which was stored in the NCPE Payments Export Setup).
Currency CodeViews the currency code used when posting the entry.
AmountViews the posted amount for the entry.
DiscountViews the discount of the entry that has been discounted.
Entry No.Views the entry number that was assigned to the payment remittance entry. The application assigns a unique number to each payment remittance entry.


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    Finds all entries and documents that exist for the document number and posting date of the selected entry or document.
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