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2024/04/18 • 2 min. to read
In this overview you can setup and manage settings for countries and regions to use them for payment transactions. For more information, see Change basic settings on Business Central online help.


Use this setup page to define the settings for the individual countries/regions for your business.
CodeSpecifies the country/region of the address.
NameSpecifies the name of the country/region.
ISO-CodeSpecifies a two-letter country code defined in ISO 3166-1.
SEPAIndicates whether the country or region participates in SEPA. SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) stands for the Single Euro Payments Area and aims to use the same procedures and standards in euro payments. With the help of the action Initialize SEPA countries, the countries participating in SEPA can be created automatically.


If this check mark is not correctly set, no SEPA file can be created for the customers and vendors to which it applies.
ISO Numeric CodeSpecifies a three-digit code number defined in ISO 3166-1.
Address FormatSpecifies the format of the address that is displayed on external-facing documents. You link an address format to a country/region code so that external-facing documents based on cards or documents with that country/region code use the specified address format.


If the County field is filled in, then the county will be printed above the country/region unless you select the City+County+Post Code option.
Contact Adress FormatSpecifies where you want the contact name to appear in mailing addresses.
Intrastat CodeSpecifies an Intrastat Code for the country/region you are trading with. For more information, see Intrastat on Business Central online help.
VAT SchemeSpecifies the national body that issues the VAT registration number for the country/region in connection with electronic document sending.


  • Custom Address Format

    Define the scope and order for fields that make up the country/region address.
  • VAT Reg. No. Formats

    Specifies that the tax registration number for an account, such as customer, corresponds to the standard format for tax registration numbers in an account's country/region.
  • Initialize SEPA Countries

    With this action, all SEPA Countries are automatically created. If the entry already exists, a message is displayed to decide whether the value should be adopted.

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