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Language Setup

2024/04/18 • 2 min. to read
All necessary settings for the individual language codes are set up here. Also the Payment Notification Texts and the SEPA Mandates Texts can be stored or set up here. With the Assisted Setup, values can be suggested for the setup.


In most cases, no language code is stored with the vendors and customers. Therefore, you should also set up a data record without language code.


Language CodeSpecifies the code for the language. If you want to perform setup for vendors and customers who have not defined a language code, leave this field blank. Click the field to view the existing language codes in the Language table.
Language NameViews the description for the language.
Linked Language CodeUsing the field Linked language code allows you to link texts from another language code. This means that the text is not set up with the current language code, but with a linked code.
SEPA Mandates Text ExistsViews if there is a SEPA mandate text for this language setting or not. Click on the field or on the SEPA Mandate Text action to view the text.
Pmt. Notification Payment File TextSpecifies the text to be used for the payment notification in the payment file. The following placeholders can be used in the Payment Notification Text in Payment File field: %1 Payment Notification No.
Pmt. Notification E-Mail SubjectSpecifies the text that is to be used for the subject of a notification e-mail. The following placeholders can be used in the Notification E-mail Subject field: %1 Notification No.


  • Pmt. Notification E-Mail Text

    You can use this action to configure the texts in different languages for the payment notification e-mail messages.
  • SEPA Mandates Text

    With this action the mandate text lines can be defined in different languages. For more information, see Setup, SEPA Mandates Text Lines.

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