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2024/04/18 • 2 min. to read
The Payments Import Codes are references to various types of transactions. Different code fields are filled depending on the imported file format. The table of Import Codes is empty by default. You can import the latest Import Codes via download or import the codes from a file.
  1. Go to NCP Payments > Setup > Import Setup > Setup > Import Codes.
  2. You have the following options:
    • Click on Download to download the latest import codes.
    • Click Import to import the file NCP1600_ImportCodes.xml
    • Click Export to export all records to one file. (You do not have the option to select individual records only).
  3. If import codes already exist, you can choose (during download and import) to create new records only or to overwrite existing records as well. After the download/import the import codes are displayed:


TypeSpecifies the type of the code. The following options are available:
  • SWIFT Transaction
  • Transaction
  • Domain Transaction
  • Family Transaction
  • Sub-Family Transaction
  • Return Reason
CodeSpecifies a code for the import code. The code must be unique - a code may not be used twice in a table. You can set up as many import codes as you like.
DescriptionDescription of the import code.

Actions, Setup

  • Download

    The Download action can be used to download or update the codes.
  • Download - Save as

    With the action Download - Save as the codes can be downloaded and saved. No changes in the database will be made.
  • Import

    With the Import action, the codes can be imported from a file. These can be codes from older systems that you have already configured and exported using the export function.
  • Export

    With the Export action, the codes can be exported to a file. This exported file can be used for import into other databases.

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