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Vendor Bank Account

2024/04/18 • 2 min. to read
In the Vendor Bank Account List you can create the bank accounts of your vendors. You can access the overview by clicking on Vendors-list or -card on Navigate > Vendor > Bank Accounts. For more information, see Setup Bank Accounts on Business Central online help.


CodeSpecifies a code to identify this vendor bank account. You can use the same code to link each vendor to their bank account (for example, BANKACC1).
NameSpecifies the name of the bank where the vendor's bank account is managed.
Country-/Region CodeSpecifies the country/region of the address.


This field is important, for example, to check if SEPA transactions are allowed for this account.
IBANSpecifies the bank account's international bank account number.
SWIFT-CodeSpecifies the SWIFT code (international bank identifier code) of the bank where the vendor has the account.
Phone No.Specifies the telephone number of the bank.
ContactSpecifies the name of the bank employee regularly contacted in connection with this bank account.
Main Bank AccountSpecifies the vendor bank account that will be used by default on payment journal lines for export to a payment bank file.


Since version the main bank account can also be selected via the vendor card in the Preferred Bank Account Code field. The Main Bank field will then be automatically updated on the corresponding vendor bank account. If the Main Bank field is checked, the Preferred Bank Account Code field will be updated on the vendor card as well.


  • Payment Entries

    Opens the overview of the Payment Entries with reference to this Bank Account. For more information, see Archive, Payment Entries.

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