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Bank Account Ledger Entries

NCP Payments • 2022/03/31 • 3 min. to read
When you post the journal after checking the payments, a Bank Account Ledger Entry will be created. Using the action Bank Account Ledger Entries on the page Clearing Entries you can view this entry.


Posting DateSpecifies the posting date for this entry.
Document TypeSpecifies the document type on the bank account ledger entry. The document type will be payment or refund, or the field is empty.
Document No.Specifies the document number of the bank account ledger entries.
Bank Account No.Specifies the number of the bank account used for the entry.
DescriptionSpecifies the description of the bank account ledger entries.
AmountSpecifies the amount of the entry in the applicable foreign currency.
Bal. Account TypeSpecifies the type of account to which an balancing entry is posted, for example, BANK for a cash account.
Bal. Account No.Specifies the number of the G/L, customer, vendor or bank account that the offsetting entry is posted to, for example, a cash account for cash purchases.
OpenSpecifies whether the amount on the bank account entry has been fully applied to or if there is still a remaining amount that must be applied to.
No. of Payment EntriesNumber of payment entries that refer to this bank account ledger entry.
Entry. No.Specifies the number of the entry, as assigned from the specified number series when the entry was created.

Actions, Process

  • Reverse Transaction

    Undo an erroneous journal posting. You can find further information on this topic at Reverse Transactions

Actions, Entry

  • Find entries

    Finds all entries and documents that exist for the document number and posting date of the selected entry or document.
  • Payment Entries

    All payment entries for this bank account ledger entries are listed here.
  • Clearing Entries

    All clearing entries for this bank account ledger entry are listed here.
  • Check Ledger Entries

    View check ledger entries resulting from posting transactions in a payment journal for the relevant bank account.
  • Dimensions

    View or edit dimensions, such as a area, project, or department, that you can assign to sales or purchasing documents to distribute costs and analyze transaction progress. (Alt-D)
  • Set Dimension Filter

    Limit the entries using the specified dimension filter.


    If you use a large number of dimension combinations, this feature may not work and may result in a message that SQL Server only supports up to 2100 parameters.
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