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Import Payment File

NCP Payments • 2022/03/31 • 1 min. to read
To import a payment file supplied by the bank:
  1. Select NCP Payments > Import or on the start page of Business Central: Tasks > Payments Import.
  2. Then click on the action Import.
  3. Select which type of file you want to import (e.g. camt.053 Account Statement).


    You define the possible file types in the Payments Import Setup


    You can import a file by drag and drop, drag the file to the button Choose...
    The import is performed. If not all bank accounts have been automatically determined, click on Data and select the Bank Account No. manually.


    The next time you import a file with the same criteria, the bank account will be suggested automatically.
  4. As long as there is no journal line or reconciliation line for an import line, you can delete the line. Click Import to re-import deleted data.
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