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NAVAX Dropzone Setup

2024/05/08 • 2 min. to read
In the NAVAX Dropzone Setup page the settings and defaults for the different Dropzones are defined. The NAVAX Dropzone can be used by various extensions. These extensions automatically add further options in the Dropzone field. For example, the NAVAX extension NCDD Drag & Drop Document Attachments adds the option Document Attachments and the NAVAX extension Finmatics Autonomous Accounting adds the option Incoming Finmatics Documents.


  • NAVAX Dropzones are suitable for upload sizes up to 15000 KB (15 MB).
  • If you change the settings, the page that displays the Dropzone may need to be reloaded or refreshed for the new settings to take effect.


DropzoneSpecifies for which Dropzone the settings apply. The settings of the Default dropzone apply to all dropzones that do not have their own settings.
Max. Upload Size (KB)Specifies the maximum total size of all files in KB that may be uploaded at the same time. The default value that is suggested is 5000 KB (5 MB). The maximum value that can be entered is 15000 KB (15 MB).
Max. No. of FilesSpecifies the maximum number of files that may be uploaded at the same time.
Allowed File ExtensionsSpecifies which file extensions may be uploaded. If the field is empty, all extensions are allowed. If multiple extensions are allowed, they can be specified separated by a comma. Example: pdf,doc*,xls*,png,txt,zip


If you specify 'doc', only files with .doc file extension may be uploaded. If 'doc*' is specified, files with file extension .docx, .docm etc. may also be uploaded.
Extract zip FilesSpecifies whether *.zip files should be automatically decompressed or unzipped during upload.
Timeout (Milliseconds)Specifies the duration in milliseconds that a file may take to upload before the process terminates with an error.

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