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NCCA Cost Accounting • 2022/05/04 • 2 min. to read
NCCA Cost Accounting adds a cost accounting module to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central that has its own data model. The data model, which supports up to 8 dimensions, can be filled with data from the general ledger, but also from other sources. The allocation area supports almost all imaginable variants, such as imputed costs, iteration procedure, different distribution types based on fixed ratios, amounts or quantities. Comprehensive evaluations can be displayed as a matrix, printed out, archived or exported to Excel.


NCCA Cost Accounting is integrated in the Profiles (Roles) Finance, Accountant and Accounting Manager. Fields, actions, pages and reports originating from the NCCA Cost Accounting extension are identified by the abbreviation NCCA. This additional labeling makes them clearly distinguishable from the Dynamics 365 Business Central Standard Cost Accounting module and other extensions (which may use similar names and designations). NCCA stands for NAVAX Consulting Cost Accounting. The search term "ncca" is also recognized by "Tell me what you want to do". This allows very fast access to the individual areas of the NCCA Cost Accounting.

Permission Sets

The following permission sets are available for the NCCA Cost Accounting:
  • NCCA - NCCA Cost Accounting

    To use the NCCA Cost Accounting.
  • NCCA, SETUP - NCCA Setup Cost Accounting

    To set up the NCCA Cost Accounting. For more information, see Setup, General, Cost Accounting Setup.

Installation Notes

For more information, see Appendix, Installation Notes.

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