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Import Cost Budget Journal

2023/05/19 • 2 min. to read
In the Cost Budget Journal, journal lines can be imported from a file (action Import from File) or from an Excel file (action Import from Excel). This can be used, for example, to transfer postings from other systems.

File structure

The field separator is assumed to be tab when importing from a file. A header line (e.g. line with field names) is not allowed when importing from a file. However, the Excel sheet can optionally contain a header row. In this case you will get a hint when importing the Excel file and you can import the data starting from the 2nd row.


The Create Excel Workbook for Import action in the Journals can be used to create an Excel workbook that can be used as a template for importing journal lines.

Field order

  1. Date
  2. Document No.
  3. Cost Type Code
  4. Work Type Code
  5. Quantity
  6. Price
  7. Amount
  8. Description
  9. Reason Code
  10. Cost Dimension 1 Code
  11. Cost Dimension 2 Code
  12. Cost Dimension 3 Code
  13. Cost Dimension 4 Code
  14. Cost Dimension 5 Code
  15. Cost Dimension 6 Code
  16. Cost Dimension 7 Code
  17. Cost Dimension 8 Code


If Price and Quantity are specified in the file, the amount is determined automatically. In this case, the amount is read from the file only if the quantity times the price is 0.

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