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Evaluation Archive

2023/05/19 • 2 min. to read
The NCCA Evaluation Archive page shows an overview of all archive entries of the evaluation and can be accessed directly from the evaluation. The evaluation archive is not available for ad hoc evaluations. For more information, see Reports and Analysis, Execute Evaluations, Archive Evaluation.


Evaluation CodeSpecifies the code of the archived evaluation.
DescriptionSpecifies the description of the archived evaluation.
Datumsfilter BerechnungsdatumZeigt das Datumsfilter Berechnungsdatum der archivierten Auswertung an.
Archive No.Specifies the number assigned to the archived evaluation.
Date ArchivedSpecifies the date when the evaluation was archived.
Time ArchivedSpecifies what time the evaluation was archived.
Archived BySpecifies the user ID of the person who archived this evaluation.
No. of Column ResultsSpecifies the number of the archived results.
Archive CommentSpecifies a comment for the archived evaluation.
Default ActionSpecifies which action should be executed by default.


Execute, Show Matrix, Print and Export to Excel in the evaluation archive basically correspond to the actions in the evaluation. However, with a few exceptions, the options can no longer be changed in the evaluation archive. For more information, see Reports and Analysis, Execute Evaluations, Execute Evaluation.


If you click on the results in the evaluation matrix, the Chart of Cost Dimensions for the cost dimension of the line is opened with the corresponding filters of the line/column. The values in the Chart of Cost Dimensions are calculated or displayed based on the current cost entries. The result in the archived evaluation can therefore differ from the result in the Chart of Cost Dimensions.

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