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Cost Budgets

2023/05/19 • 2 min. to read
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NameSpecifies the name of the cost budget.
DescriptionSpecifies a description of the cost budget.
Allow Modifications FromSpecifies the earliest date on which modifications in the cost budget are allowed.
Allow Modifications ToSpecifies the last date on which modifications in the cost budget are allowed.
BlockedSpecifies whether the cost budget is blocked. A blocked cost budget can not be changed.
Use Service Allocation PricesSpecifies whether the service allocation prices should be used or proposed. For more information, see Journals, Service Allocations, Service Allocation Prices.
Allowed ValuesSpecifies whether amounts, quantities or both can be specified in the cost budget.
Cost Dimension SpecificationsSpecifies whether, and if so, which cost dimensions must be specified in the budget (Mandatory) and which cost dimensions must not be specified (Not allowed). If no specification is selected, the specification of the cost dimension in the budget is optional. The caption and number of fields displayed depend on how the cost dimensions are set up in the Cost Dimension Setup.


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