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Date Filter IDs

2023/09/20 • 3 min. to read
For date filters, IDs (placeholders) can be specified in square brackets [ ] that will be calculated and replaced based on the Date Filter Calculation Date when the evaluation is executed. Basically, the IDs are date formulas. However, the English date formulas are always used, e.g.: D (Day). The advantage over date formulas is that several date values (e.g. a date interval) can be specified combined in one filter. As Date Filter Calculation Date the Work Date is suggested. The suggested date can be additionally modified via the Date Filter Calculation Date Formula of the evaluation. Date Filter IDs can be used, for example, to set up evaluations where the date filter is automatically set to the current month when the evaluation is executed. The following IDs are available:
  • D Day
  • WD Weekday
  • W Week
  • M Month
  • Q Quarter
  • Y Year
  • C meaning 'current' and can be specified as a prefix of an ID
A list of Date Filter ID examples can be opened via the lookup of the date filter field.


The following table shows some examples of Date Filter ID combinations and their results when the Work Date or the Date Filter Calc. Date is set to 06/30/2020.
[CD]06/30/20Date Filter Calc. Date
..[CD]..06/30/20Until Date Filter Calc. Date
01/01/20..[CD]01/01/20..06/30/2001/01/20 until Date Filter Calc. Date
..[-CM-1D]..05/31/20Until the end of last month (based on the Date Filter Calc. Date)
[-CM]..[CM]06/01/20..06/30/20Current Month
[-CM-1M]..[-CM-1D]05/01/20..05/31/20Last Month
[-CM-2M]..[-CM-1M-1D]04/01/20..04/30/202 months ago
[-CM-3M]..[-CM-2M-1D]03/01/20..03/31/203 months ago
[-CY]..[-CY+1M-1D]01/01/20..01/31/20January of the current year
[-CY+1M]..[-CY+2M-1D]02/01/20..02/29/20February of the current year
[-CY]..[CY]01/01/20..12/31/20Current Year
[-CY-1Y]..[CY-1Y]01/01/19..12/31/19Last Year
[-CY-2Y]..[CY-2Y]01/01/18..12/31/182 years ago
[-CY-2Y]..[CY]01/01/18..12/31/20The last 3 years
[-CQ]..[CQ] 04/01/20..06/30/20Current Quarter
[-CQ-1Q]..[-CQ-1D]01/01/20..03/31/20Last Quarter
[-CQ-2Q]..[-CQ-1Q-1D]10/01/19..12/31/192 quarters ago
[-CY]..[-CY+1Q-1D]01/01/20..03/31/20The first quarter of the current year
[-CY+1Q]..[-CY+2Q-1D]04/01/20..06/30/20The second quarter of the current year
[-CY+2Q]..[-CY+3Q-1D]07/01/20..09/30/20The third quarter of the current year
[-CY+3Q]..[CY]10/01/20..12/31/20The fourth quarter of the current year

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