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Cash Register User


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The settings and preferences for cash register users are set in the NCCR Cash Register User Setup window.


User IDSpecifies for which user the settings apply. The specification is optional.


If no User ID is specified, the settings are general and apply to all users for whom no special settings exist.
User NameSpecifies the user name for the User ID.
Cash Register IDSpecifies whether a Cash Register ID should be proposed for the user in the documents, if a Payment Method with Cash Register Posting Yes is selected.
Cash Register ID StatusSpecifies the Status of the Cash Register ID.
Document FormatSpecifies whether the user receives an A4 document, a sales slip, or a selection when posting/printing a cash register document.
Paper RollSpecifies the paper roll width for the sales slip (80 or 57 mm).
Default OutputSpecifies a default value for the Create Status Document action.
Base32 instead of QR CodeSpecifies whether Base32 should be printed on the document instead of a QR Code. Select this setting when the user uses a printer that cannot print QR Codes.
NotificationsSpecifies whether to display feedback (e.g., delivery errors, notes, and necessary actions).


The option No should only be set in exceptional cases, as important information is ignored. Users can also disable notifications for the rest of the day.
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