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NCCR Cash Register extends the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central processes to meet legal national requirements for the fiscalization of POS systems by using a service developed by fiskaltrust. Supported countries: Austria (RKSV) WKO Information (DE): https://www.wko.at/service/steuern/registrierkassenpflicht-unternehmen.html


NCCR Cash Register is integrated into existing sales and service processes. Sales documents and service documents are created, posted and printed as before. Within the Accounting Manager Profile (Role), the NCCR Cash Register Setup can also be called directly via Actions, Setup. Fields, actions, pages and reports originating from the NCCR Cash Register extension are identified by the abbreviation NCCR. NCCR stands for NAVAX Consulting Cash Register. This additional identification allows the windows and functions belonging to the NCCR Cash Register to be clearly distinguished from other extensions (which may use similar names and designations). The search term "nccr" is also recognized by "Tell me what you want to do". This allows very fast access to the individual areas of the NCCR Cash Register.

Permission Sets

For more information, see Appendix, Information for Administrators.
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