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Cash Register Setup

Before the NCCR Cash Register can be used, its basic functionality and at least one Cash Register ID must be set up. In the NCCR Cash Register Setup window the general settings and defaults are defined.

General, Fields

Logo Representation Sales SlipSpecifies whether the company logo should be printed on the sales slip and, if so, in which format.
QR Code SizeSpecifies the QR Code size for the documents.
QR Code Resolution in PixelSpecifies the actual size of the QR Code in pixels. If no value is specified, the QR Codes will be created with a resolution of 600x600 pixels. If the QR code is displayed blurred on the document, a different specification may improve the print quality.
Cache QR CodeSpecifies whether QR Codes should be saved when printing a report, or regenerated each time. Saving the QR Codes can be useful for performance reasons, but on the other hand it generates much more data. Activate the field only if necessary.

Cash Register IDs

In the Cash Register IDs area the Cash Register IDs are created or managed. For more information, see Setup, Cash Register IDs.

Setup, Actions

System, Fields

Delete Data Date CalculationSpecifies the time period for deleting data via the Delete Data action. Only data that is at least 6 months old can be deleted. If the field is empty, the minimum period is used.
Last Date Archived Request Data deletedSpecifies the date on which Delete Data was last executed.
Archived Request Data deleted untilSpecifies the date until which the archived request data was deleted from the Signature Attempts.

System, Actions

  • NAVAX License Overview

    Opens the NAVAX License Overview which displays the current license status of the NAVAX extensions. For more information, see Appendix, NAVAX License Overview.
  • What's New?

    Opens an external website with additional information about the extension and through which the license of the extension can be requested or checked.
  • Environment Confirmations

    View or set up the Environment Confirmations of the Extension. NCCR Cash Register uses Environment Confirmations to prevent test data from being accidentally forwarded to the external service of fiskaltrust as real data. For more information, see Appendix, Environment Confirmations.
  • Delete Data

    If necessary, this action can be used to remove the archived request data from the Signature Attempts. The stored QR Codes can also be deleted. For more information, see Appendix, Delete Cash Register Data.
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