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Annual Closure

NCCR Cash Register • 2021/02/18 • 2 min. to read
On 31 December of each year, users of cash registers must prepare, print and store the Year Document instead of a Month Document (§ 8 RKSV).

General Information

  • Technical Requirement

    The Year Document must be signed correctly. If the signature creation device has failed, the creation and verification of the Year Document must be rescheduled immediately after the end of this failure. In most cases, these failures can be terminated by creating a Zero Document.
  • Special Cases

    Cash register closing after midnight: You operate a business that generates cash sales beyond midnight on 31 December. You may then create the Year Document after the close of business or immediately before the start of the following business day. Seasonal operation: If you are in seasonal operation and your last cash turnover was already made before December (e.g. in September), the Year Document can already be created and checked in a previous month.
  • Further Information

    Extensive legal information can be found at https://www.fiskaltrust.at/rechtsgrundlagen.

Create Year Document

The Year Document must be created for each active Cash Register ID of a company. The Year Document can be created from various areas using the function Create Cash Register Status Document or Create Status Document. For more information, see Tasks, Create Status Documents. After the document has been successfully transmitted to fiskaltrust, you will receive two e-mails from fiskaltrust. One e-mail contains the confirmation for the Year Document, the other e-mail contains the verification via web service by fiskaltrust at FON.


Both emails are to be kept by means of a printout.
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