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Error Handling

After posting a cash register document, you will be notified if an error has occurred during communication with the service or if there are errors for the Cash Register ID. The error correction can be accessed from different areas (e.g. Cash Register ID window). The Pending Errors field shows the number of Cash Register Entries with a pending error. Click on the field (or on Entries) for more information. The Test Service Connection action can be used to check whether the service is available. After the cause of the error has been eliminated, all incorrect entries can be resent to the service via the Fix Errors action. This automatically activates the Post-Recording of the service. The Post-Recording is active until a final Zero Document is created via the Create Status Document action (NCCR Cash Register ID window). Simultaneous or interim recording of "normal" cash register documents is still possible, even if the service is running in Post-Recording mode. However, after posting a cash register receipt, you will be notified that Post-Recording is active.


Details about the incorrect entries are displayed in the cash register entries. Entries that contain the value Error or Pending in the Status field are considered to be incorrect and are taken into account by the Fix Errors action. The Signature Attempts field specifies the number of signature attempts made so far. The Error Type field normally indicates Electronic Recording System failed for errors. This means that it is technically impossible for the cash register to access the service. Postprocessing Error means there is a problem with your data structure. In this case, contact your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Partner directly. The Error Message field specifies technical details about the error.


Faulty documents are marked with the label Electronic Recording System failed and a running error counter instead of the signature block. A copy is also printed automatically. The copy must be archived.

Signature Creation Device

A failure of the signature creation device occurs if the service temporarily cannot communicate with the signature creation device. Failures of the signature device are not directly marked as "error". Instead, the field Signature Creation Device displays the value Temporarily failed. If the failure lasts longer than 48 hours, the value Permanently failed is displayed. For failures of the signature unit no Fix Errors is necessary or possible. If the signature creation device is available again, these documents are combined in a Zero Document and signed. To inform the cash register about these status changes, you are notified when a Zero Document is required after posting a cash register document.

Complete manually

In justified exceptional cases, this action can be used to close entries. The entry is marked with Manually Completed and a note with Date, Time and User ID is created. The process can also be undone using the same action.


The function may only be used in justified exceptional cases and only if there are no other possibilities to complete an entry. A justification for manual closure should be included in the comments.
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