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Create Status Documents


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After posting a cash register document, you are notified when a status document (Zero Document, Month Document, Year Document) can/must be created. Status documents can be created from various areas using the function Create Cash Register Status Document or Create Status Document. Status documents are created as Posted Sales Invoices with amount 0.


Status Documents can be printed as a sales slip or as an A4 document. In order for the cash register data to be printed on the A4 document of the posted sales invoice, the appropriate report layouts must be set up. For more information, see Setup, Report Layout Selection and Setup, Report Selection - Cash Register


Cash Register PostingSpecifies the type of status document.


  • Start Document and Final Document Status documents of type Start Document and Final Document are created using the functions Start of Operation and End of Operation in the Cash Register ID window. A Start Document or a Final Document must be kept as basic records for at least seven years (§ 132 BAO).
  • Year Document On 31 December of each year, users of cash registers must prepare, print and store the Year Document instead of a Month Document (§ 8 RKSV). For more information, see Tasks, Annual Closure.
Cash Register IDSpecifies for which Cash Register ID the status document should be created.
OutputSpecifies the output for the document.

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