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Report Selection - Cash Register

NCCR Cash Register • 2022/02/26 • 2 min. to read
The Report Selection - Cash Register window specifies which reports are used when printing a cash register document. Cash register documents can be printed as a sales slip or as an A4 document. Specifications for Sales Invoice and Sales Credit Memo (or Service Invoice and Service Credit Memo) are optional and only have to be entered if a deviation from Report Selection - Sales (or Report Selection - Service) is required for A4 cash register documents.


In order for the cash register data to be printed on the A4 documents, the appropriate NCCR report layouts must be set up. For more information, see Setup, Report Layout Selection.


It is possible to define several reports per usage. For example, you could add the NCCR Cash Register Invoice Sales Slip 80 mm in addition to the A4 document for Sales Invoice.


UsageSpecifies which type of document the report is used for.
SequenceSpecifies a number that indicates where this report is in the printing order.
Report IDSpecifies the object ID of the report.
Report CaptionSpecifies the display name of the report.
Use for Email BodySpecifies that summarized information, such as invoice number, due date, and payment service link, will be inserted in the body of the email that you send.
Use for Email AttachmentSpecifies that the related document will be attached to the email.
Email Body Layout CodeSpecifies the ID of the email body layout that is used.
Email Body Layout DescriptionSpecifies a description of the email body layout that is used.


  • Printer Selections

    View or set up a printer that will be used to print the report.
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