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Report Layout Selection

In the Report Layout Selection you can specify which layout should be used when printing a document. In order for the cash register data to be printed on the A4 documents, the appropriate NCCR report layouts must be set up. Currently RDLC report layouts are supported.

Available NCCR Report Layouts

NCCR report layouts are available for the following documents.
Report IDReport NameBuilt-in NCCR Report Layout
1306Sales - Invoice./NCCRStandardSalesInvoice.rdlc
1307Sales - Credit Memo./NCCRStandardSalesCrMemo.rdlc
5911Service - Invoice./NCCRServiceInvoice.rdlc
5912Service - Credit Memo./NCCRServiceCreditMemo.rdlc


Use the search term 1306|1307|5911|5912 to filter all documents supported by the cash register.
For more information, see Managing Report and Document Layouts and Setup, Report Selection - Cash Register
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