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Information for Administrators


Permission Sets

The following permission sets are available for the NCCR Cash Register:
  • NCCR - NCCR Cash Register

    To use the NCCR Cash Register.
  • NCCR, SETUP - NCCR Setup Cash Register

    To set up the NCCR Cash Register. For more information, see Setup, Cash Register Setup.

External Addresses

  • https://www.navax.app

    For licensing, calling the online help and performing some actions, access to https://www.navax.app must be allowed. Public IP from www.navax.app for setting firewall access:, Port: TCP/443
  • https://qr01.navax.com:8080

    Up from Version NCCR, access to https://qr01.navax.com:8080 must be allowed for the creation of the QR Codes. red.soft it-service GmbH is a subsidiary of the NAVAX group of companies.
  • https://qrcode.tec-it.com

    Up to Version NCCR, access to https://qrcode.tec-it.com must be allowed for the creation of the QR Codes.
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