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Environment Confirmations

Environment Confirmations add an additional level of security to actions and processes to prevent test data from being accidentally interpreted as real data. These additional secured actions and processes can only be executed if the current environment in which the action is executed is already confirmed or will be confirmed.


Environment Confirmations are used, for example, by the NCCR Cash Register from the cash register posting process. This is to prevent test data from being accidentally forwarded to the external service of fiskaltrust as real data. This case can occur, for example, especially when deploying via On-Premises, if a test or development database (or a test company) has been created based on the real data and is not defined as a Business Central sandbox environment. Without another level of security, cash register postings from this test system would also be forwarded to the fiskaltrust service as real data. By using Environment Confirmations, the cash register posting recognizes that the test environment has not yet been confirmed and the user can now respond to the warning.

Testing and Confirmation

An environment is defined by the company name, the database name and the server name. When the environment is checked, the entry with this data is searched for. If the current environment is found, the action may be executed if additionally Confirmed as matches the current Business Central environment setting.
  • A Business Central production environment can be confirmed as a production environment or a sandbox environment. If you confirm the environment as a production environment, all information will be interpreted as real data. If you confirm the environment as a sandbox environment (which, as described in the example, should be done in the case of a test or development database), the action or process may not be executed again until the Business Central environment is also defined as a sandbox.


    Confirm your current environment only if you are absolutely sure. Once the environment is confirmed, the action or process is confirmed for all users. While environments that have already been confirmed can be deleted at any time, this will not undo any action that has already been performed.
  • A Business Central sandbox environment cannot be confirmed as a production environment. Nevertheless, confirmation is necessary for security reasons.

Change a confirmation

All confirmed environments of an extension can be viewed via the extension's setup window (in the System area) or via the NAVAX License Overview window. An environment confirmation cannot be changed directly, but must be deleted first. As soon as a secured action or process in the environment is executed, the environment must be reconfirmed.


The current environment can also be confirmed immediately using the Confirm Current Environment action.


Company NameSpecifies the company name of the confirmed environment.
Database NameSpecifies the database name of the confirmed environment.
Server NameSpecifies the server name of the confirmed environment.
Current EnvironmentSpecifies whether the confirmed environment is the current environment.
Confirmed asSpecifies whether the environment was confirmed as a production environment (Real Data) or as a sandbox environment (Test Data).
Date ConfirmedSpecifies the date when the environment was confirmed.
Time ConfirmedSpecifies what time the environment was confirmed.
Confirmed BySpecifies the user ID of the person who confirmed this environment.


  • Confirm Current Environment

    Confirms the current environment as a production environment or as a sandbox environment.
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