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Unapply G/L Entries

2023/11/24 • 2 min. to read
If necessary, an application can be unapplied again via the NCGLA Unapply Entries action in the G/L Entries page (or directly in the NCGLA Detailed G/L Entries page). This opens the NCGLA Unapply G/L Entries page and displays all applied entries. To unapply the application of one (or more) applied entries, the following actions are available in the page:
  • Unapply

    Unapplies the selected (marked) entries.


    If an entry has been applied by more than one application entry, you must unapply the latest application entry first.
  • Preview Unapply

    Preview how unapplying the selected entries will look like.


When you unapply an application, correcting entries that are identical to the original entry but with opposite sign in the amount field are created and posted for all entries and the entries that were previously closed by the application are reopened.
Thus, when an application is unapplied, only the application between the two G/L Entries is cancelled, but not the posting itself. If, for example, a payment is posted and applied to an open G/L Entry, a later unapplying does not reverse the posting or the G/L Entry of the payment. In this case, both G/L Entries are marked as Open after the application has been unapplied and both also have an open Remaining Amount.

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