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G/L Account - Balance to Date

2023/11/24 • 1 min. to read
The NCGLA G/L Account - Balance to Date report shows a detailed balance for selected G/L Accounts where an NCGLA Application Method is set. The report can, for example, be used at the close of an accounting period or fiscal year.


Ending DateSpecifies the last date until which information in the report is shown. If left blank, the report shows information until the present time.
New Page per G/L AccountSpecifies whether each G/L Account balance should be printed on a separate page.
Include Unapplied Entries after Ending DateSpecifies whether the report should include entries that are closed on the ending date but that have been unapplied afterwards.
Show G/L Accounts with Zero BalanceSpecifies if the report should include G/L Accounts with a balance of 0. By default, the report only includes G/L Accounts with a positive or negative balance.
Standard ShadingSpecifies whether to use the standard Business Central shading where all entries are shaded, or whether to shade only entries with a variance between the Original Amount and the Remaining Amount.

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