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Real Data Permissions

2024/01/18 • 2 min. to read
Real Data Permissions add an additional level of security to actions and processes. This is to prevent test data from being accidentally interpreted as real data. Particularly critical actions and processes (e.g. sending data to an external service) can therefore only be executed if a real data permission has been granted for the current environment.

Practical example

You create a new test database in an on-premises environment by copying the real database, which contains the fully set up fiskaltrust extension. The service of the fiskaltrust extension has the function to sign documents that are subject to the cash register obligation and to protect them against manipulation. Without an additional security level, data from the test database would also be forwarded to fiskaltrust, where it would be interpreted as real data and reported to the tax office. However, this is prevented by the real data permissions function.

Manage Real Data Permissions

The real data permissions of an extension can be viewed or managed via the setup page of the extension in the system area. Real data permissions can only be granted for production environments and not for sandbox environments. In the setup of the real data permissions, an environment is defined by the company name, the database name and the server name.


Company NameSpecifies the company name of the permitted environment.
Database NameSpecifies the database name of the permitted environment.
Server NameSpecifies the server name of the permitted environment.
Current EnvironmentSpecifies whether the permitted environment is the current environment.
Date and TimeSpecifies the date and time when the environment was permitted.
User IDSpecifies the ID of the user who permitted the environment.
User NameSpecifies the name of the User ID.


  • Permit Current Environment

    Grants a real data permission for the current environment.


    Do not permit your current environment unless you are absolutely sure. Once the environment is permitted, the secured action or process can be called or executed by all users. Although real data permissions can be deleted or removed at any time, this does not undo actions that have already been performed.

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