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Working with the App

2023/07/24 • 1 min. to read
Users must be specifically authorized for a job. Only authorized users see the projects in the different views and can therefore also book to them.


In the table Default user role assignment, users can be defined who automatically receive access rights to all jobs. This can happen either via a security group or via a workflow user group. If a new assignment is created, the job-specific entries in the Job user role assignment table are automatically created. If a user is assigned to an existing security or workflow user group, the action Update user role assignment must be executed. Entries that are created via a default user role receive a corresponding entry in the Source type/Source code field. In addition, entries are automatically created for the following roles:
  • Job Creator: The user who initially creates the project.
  • Person Responsible: The user who is associated with the resource defined in the job in the Responsible field. In order to assign the user to a resource, it is necessary to define the resource in the user setup.
  • Project Manager: That user who is recorded in the Project manager field.
Users can also be added manually. In that case, neither a role type nor an source type/source code can be selected.

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