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Working with the App

2022/03/12 • 2 min. to read


In the Purchases & Payables Setup a Prod. Order Status can be set in the field Subcontracting Prod. Order Status. The new Subcontracting Prod. Orders are created based on this status. In addition, the Synchronize Location Code between Prod. Order Line and Component field can be set. If the field is set, the same location code is set in the components as the corresponding Prod. Order Line contains.

Creation of the Subcontracting Prod. Order

The Subcontracting Prod. Order can be created using the Create Subcontracting Prod. Order action in the Purchaser role center. Additionally, a new Prod. Order can also be created in the Subcontracting Prod. Orders page. The last operation must be an subcontracting operation (Vendor no. must be filled on the work center group) in order to be able to automatically post the Output Journal. This condition is checked during creation and a warning is displayed, but the Prod. Order is created anyway. Additionally, a new group Subcontracting Prod. Orders has been created in the Activities section of the Purchaser role center. There are two new stacks Not Released and Released, these stacks each show the number of Subcontracting Prod. Orders and opens a list of the corresponding Prod. Orders.

Periodic Job

The Set Next Prod. Order Status report can be set up in the job queue and will process all Subcontracting Prod. Orders that are in To Release or To Finish processing status. Depending on which processing status was set, the Prod. Order is set to the next Prod. Order Status. If an Prod. Order cannot be set to the next status, the processing status is set to Error.

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