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Working with the Batch Release

2022/10/31 • 1 min. to read
The batch release can optionally apply release criterias during the release process, if these are existing in the table Sales Release Criterias. Without release criteria, all open sales documents are taken into account in the release process. As standard, the batch release is integrated into the following sales documents (each in the list):
  • Sales Quote
  • Sales Order
  • Sales Invoice
  • Sales Return Order

This is how the batch release is called

  1. Calling up the respective sales documents where the batch release is available.
  2. The batch release can be found under Release, Batch Release.

Usage example

All sales orders will be created from a webshop and should be automatically released,
  • if they are from a specific country
  • and don't exceed the order amount of 5000 €
  • and the number of items don't exceed 5
  • and specific items are not used in the sales order

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