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Sales Release Criteria

2022/10/31 • 1 min. to read
Sales Release Criterias are defined in this table. Filters can be set on individual fields that are taken into account when the batch is started. In addition, the value Item Blacklist can be defined in the Type field. Certain items can prevent the release - i.e. documents where these items occur are not addressed by the batch processing.

General, Fields

IDSpecifies the ID of the criteria.
TypeSpecifies the criteria type.
Filter TableSpecifies the table to filter.
Table No.Specifies the table number.
Field No.Specifies the field number.
Field NameSpecifies the field name.
Field CaptionSpecifies the field caption.
Field FilterSpecifies the field filter to apply.
CodeSpecifies the Item No. if the Type field is set to Item Blacklist.
DescriptionSpecifies the description.

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