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 NVXJSL Job SL Integration

Job related postings from a sales order.
Current Version: NVXJSL as of Business Central 18.


Creation Date: 2023/04/01
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  • App Job SL Integration


  • App Setup


  • Working with the App


  • Release Notes


With the help of this app, sales lines linked to a job planning line can generate job ledger entries during delivery and billing. This gives a better overview of the costs and revenues on the job card.

App Setup

The setup can be accessed via the Job Setup. This is where the setup for the Job - Sales Lines is defined.

General, Fields

Journal Template NameSpecifies the value of the Journal Template Name field.
Journal Batch NameSpecifies the value of the Journal Batch Name field.
Do not Post automaticSpecifies the value of the Do not Post automatic field.
Delete Job Journal LinesSpecifies the value of the Delete Job Journal Lines field.
Use Job No. For DimensionSpecifies if the Job No. is used as Dimension.

Working with the App

According to the field Do not Post automatic in the Setup, job ledger entries of the type Usage are automatically created to the job when delivering sales lines that are linked to a job planning line. Job Ledger entries of the type Sale are then generated during billing. In addition, job planning lines of the type G/L account can be transferred from the job to the sales order or sales invoice using the transfer from job function, thereby generating final invoices that represent the value of the purchase order minus any down payments made.

Release Notes

Would you like to know what has changed in the extension?
Below you'll find an overview of the new features and changes made in the updates. Build-Overview in DevOps


Business Central 18


  • The transfer of the sales lines to job planning lines with type budget also transfers the unit price.
  • The transfer of the sales lines to job planning lines also transfers the description from the sales line.


Business Central 18


  • Added translations for language code DE.


Business Central 18


  • The selection window to transfer sales lines to job plan lines additionally filters to the job no.
  • The transfer of the job planning lines to sales lines also transfers the dimensions of the job task.
  • When posting the job journal lines, the ledger entry no. of the related item ledger entry such as the serial no. and lot no. are transfered to the job ledger entries.


Business Central 18


  • The logic for creating the job journal lines also consider drop shipment.


Business Central 18

    Initial Version

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