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 NVXASM Advanced Service Management

Extended service functionalities. See description for details.
Current Version: NVXASM as of Business Central 18.0.


Creation Date: 2022/08/09
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  • App Advanced Service Management


  • Working with the App


  • Release Notes


The app provides the extended service functionalities.

Auto. Service Item Creation

It allows you to define for each service item group whether a separate service item should be created for each shipt unit (default) or whether a service item should be created for the entire delivery quantity.

Working with the App

Autom. Service Item Creation

In the service item group, the new checkmark is set at Transfer quantity to service item. When the item is delivered, a single service item is created for the full delivered unit. In the service item card there is a new field Quantity - so you can see how many units the service item contains. In addition, the sales delivery number is added to the service item card.

Release Notes

Would you like to know what has changed in the extension?
Below you'll find an overview of the new features and changes made in the updates. Build-Overview in DevOps


Business Central 18.0

    Initial Version

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