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 NVXASCD Auto Service Contract Dimension

Automatic creation of dimensions for the service contract.
Current Version: NVXASCD as of Business Central 18.


Creation Date: 2023/03/31
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  • App Auto Service Contract Dimension


  • Service Contract Dimension


  • Working with the App


  • Release Notes


The "Auto Service Contract Dimension" app enables that when creating a service contract automatically the dimension with the service contract number and the dimension code of the setup table "Setup Service Contract Dimension". Dimension code must be stored in the "Service setup" setup under Associated -> "Service contract dimension setup".

Setup Auto Service Contract Dimension

Before "Auto Service Contract Dimension" can be used, its basic functionality must be set up.

General, Fields

Service Contract DimensionSpecifies the Service Contract Dimension.
ActivateSpecifies if "Auto Service Contract Dimension" is active.

Working with the App

When a service contract is created, a cost object is to be created automatically with number & description of the service contract. If a service contract is created, then the number and the description are stored and a cost object is automatically created. 1:1 relationship: 1 service contract = 1 S-cost unit Assignment of new cost object number (no transfer of P cost object) Transfer to service order (standard functionality) If service order is created without contract, then S-cost object must be selected manually in service order (setup dimensional value check code required) Acceptance criteria: Creation of cost object when service contract is created. If the number or description is changed, the cost object will be updated If the service contract status is set to canceled, the cost object code is blocked Delimitation: The dimension is not included in the service invoice

Release Notes

Would you like to know what has changed in the app? Below you'll find an overview about new features and changes that has been done in the updates. Build-Overview in DevOps


Business Central 18

    Initial Version

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