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2022/11/21 • 2 min. to read

Sales Order

If the credit limit is exceeded, the Sales Order page will be marked as "to be checked". For this purpose, a new checkbox Credit Limit to Check to check (boolean) is implemented in the order. If the indicator is set, the order cannot be released. This means that no deliveries or invoices can be created. Stack: A new stack Sales Orders - Credit Limit Check is implemented in the overview, which lists all orders "to be checked".


The release process takes place via the Accountant role, whereby the date and the user are logged. The users receive the right for release in the User Setup. The User Setup is extended by a checkbox Credit Limit Check Processing. If a user has this right, he can release orders that are to be checked. For this purpose, a new button Credit Limit Checked is provided on the Sales Order page. Furthermore, when the credit limit is released, the date on which the release takes place is saved.

Solution description

After entering the incoming invoices, this report should use the Check Credit Limit again button on the page of all Sales Orders that are available for the credit limit check to check whether the credit limit has changed. There are two options: the credit limit is exceeded and remains in the stack of sell orders - credit limit check and requires manual approval the credit limit amount from the Credit Limit (LCD) field has been covered by one or more incoming invoices If the credit limit has been covered, the action credit limit checked is automatically performed on the sell order. To start the report there should be the options, manually via a menu item and in an automatic job in the task queue. The automatic job runs e.g. daily in the evening (midnight). (can be set up)

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